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By Khadeeja on May 22, 2024

This was literally the best decision that I have made in a long time. I love how we immediately got hands on within the first week, recording in the studio. The instructors are very professional and top tier. They are actually working in the fields that they are teaching and that makes the process so much more receptable. I love this school and my fellow students. The people I've met are definitely one of the best things about OMS. I'm so freaking happy that I came here, and I know this is only the beginning.

By Mr.Bonez31 on May 22, 2024

Everything you need is right here! Coolest people and coolest classes! Can't recommend enrolling in this school enough!

By Tieana The Great on May 16, 2024

Great school very interactive staff cares about your success and your future I would highly recommend if this is the field your interested in

By Nibeebah Williams on May 16, 2024

Awesome sauce place to be in broadcasting

By Daniel Baig on May 14, 2024

Ohio is Ohio, the toilets were the only mid AF thing

By Lejesus R. P. on Apr 25, 2024

What a School! What a School! What A School! I'm going into the 4th month now, and I have to say It's More than I ever expected. Not only is the Professionalism, of the Teachers and Students, still intact, from my previous review, but I can also vouch for the Family like atmosphere. Not the family that's harsh critics and fighting for Momma's attention, But the Family that reminds you that "you're one us now...and if there's anything we can do to help increase your chances of success, We are here." So aside from learning Voice Tracking, Writing Commercials, Building A Radio station from the ground up, Patience, How to tease the Audience of upcoming content, and How to Market Myself; The Open-Door Policy of all Staff, Has Become my Favorite. OMS ROCKS!!!

By Aaron Smith28 on Apr 18, 2024

By King Quran on Apr 10, 2024

Great school with a lot of tools to learn. I’m happy I came because it’s exactly what I needed to grow to the next level in my life and career. There is also a lot of like minded people around the school you can learn from as well. 5/5

By John Driscal on Apr 10, 2024

It’s nice to be at a place where the teachers have real experience with what they’re teaching. Especially when it comes to broadcasting.

By Skyanne Zavatsky on Apr 10, 2024

This is a great place to learn new media based skills

By shawn carter on Mar 27, 2024

Ohio Media School been so great to me since I Graduated. Since graduating Ohio Media School I got accepted for an internship at ESPNCleveland. Later on after my internship ended I got hired in to be a Marketing Event Supervisor and now I’m leader of the Street Team. Ohio Media School will always be apart of my heart and my journey because the things I learned in this school from Radio TV and Broadcast. I took all the skills I learned, took it with me and now it’s helping me while I’m pursuing my ESPN Career. I really want to thank Houda for helping me during the internship process with resumes, cover letters, etc. I also want to thank Momma G, Lynda, Don, Rickey, Brian and the rest of the staff for pushing me and helping me reach new heights. If you ever want to go to Media school and want to pursue a media career. I promise you, Ohio Media School is the right place.

By Damon Rudolph on Mar 21, 2024

Just enrolled in February and everything is going good. My first time being interested in a class setting ever! My instructors so far has been very helpful and insightful. Looking forward to seeing what my future here holds.

By Arielis S. on Mar 11, 2024

I initially was excited about my decision to enroll here but it went down hill very fast but after I read the contract I understood I was locked in. I saw the ad on a Tuesday, toured the school on Wednesday and began Thursday. I was encouraged to enroll by the admissions director, Jeanne, "ASAP" because "it's better to start before the new year because you know that people start setting New Year's Resolutions in January.." & "You would get smaller class sizes if you start tomorrow." (I started in late December). On my 3rd or 4th day, I was asked to write a ****** review and at that moment I felt like wtf but did it anyway. Soon after, not only were the class terms combined(DEC+JAN+FEB) but we were meshed virtually with CINCINATTI + COLUMBUS so the class size went from 10 or so to up around 50/60+. Some of the instructors were visibly not passionate about teaching and 2 of mine actually quit and moved on to new paths. After I "finished my program" in July, I got a call from Jeanne asking me how my experience was and I told her how I felt. When she asked about what instructors I had and I told her who, and then she confusingly asked me "Weren't you enrolled in digital media production?" I said "Yes." She says".. Well, I don't know how you FELL THROUGH THE CRACKS. It sounds like you took Radio and TV the whole 8 months!" And I said "What?! That's not my fault!" (Front desk would ask me what cohort I was in to point me towards the right classroom, but I was NEVER ASKED what program I was enrolled in. Jeanne responds "Oh, don't worry about it-you'll still graduate!" I said "That's not the point- that's not what I enrolled into. That's not what I signed up for." I was then promised a full refund (received) and cancellation of loans(NOT received). I was scammed, neglected and jipped. I don't want to be associated with this school. They owe me to repair their mistake. They are misleading scammers.

By Kalel Barker on Mar 08, 2024

I choose ohio media school to learn how to work with media and to use it in my everyday life to help our community. By being at this school I want to learn how to edit videos and pictures as well as voice editing on any podcasts or video streams. I want to become a dj on the side and have my own podcast and show

By Marcus Hunter on Mar 06, 2024

Ohio Media School has been extremely helpful in learning. It’s a hands on learning experience. The teachers and teachers aids are very helpful and even though things move forward at such a fast pace, they ensure that everyone is grasping the information and are on the same page. I didn’t expect to learn so much in such a short amount of time. I am glad I chose to come to this school!!!

By Outlawflyer78 on Feb 28, 2024

Great school. Highly recommend.

By Cole Edwards on Feb 28, 2024

This school is a great school To come too if you are looking to Get into anything media from taking pictures to having a radio show or podcast they do a great job of teaching all skills

By Lejesus R. Posey 1a on Feb 20, 2024

Im a new student, but I must admit, I've been very impressed by the level of Professionalism displayed on a daily basis from, not only the Teachers, but the students, here on campus. Learning is fun and challenging. Just the Way I like it. I'm glad I decided to attend and make this a career choice.

By Beulah Paynet on Feb 20, 2024

My experience at Ohio Media School has given me the opportunity to learn about video and audio production as well as editing. You get to develop a website, you tube channel, demo reel and resume writing.

By Devon Hines on Feb 20, 2024

Ohio Media School has been amazing so far. I’m 3 months in and has been a lot of learning in these 3 months. I’ve learned how to start a podcast, work cameras, make commercials, etc. I’m glad I gave OMS a shot and am looking forward to learning even more about what I’m interested in!